Monday, 7 October 2019

Nobody move or [something extremely yucky] will happen!

From iNews:

Officials preparing Britain for a no-deal Brexit have encountered a new roadblock: a rise in dogging.

A cabinet minister confessed at the Conservative Party conference last week that long tailbacks near the port of Dover could mean lorry drivers visiting voyeuristic sex sites, according to The Sunday Times.

“One of the things we talk about in these no-deal meetings concerns hauliers and their activities,” the minister said. “The main thing is whether they will turn up at the Channel ports with the right paperwork. But there are also dogging hotspots all over the place.”

Good luck to them, consenting adults and all that. As long as local councils clearly sign-post dogging sites (to save embarrassment and misunderstandings) it isn't a problem.

Slightly more concerning is that all those involved will be spreading super-gonorrhoea, a disease which is widespread in non-EU countries such as Norway or Switzerland.


Rob said...

An interesting illustration of what politicians think about other people

Curtis said...

“The only positive is that we can say this is not only about UK patients, it is about European patients who would be affected as well."

Mark Wadsworth said...

R, yes.

C, wow, the article actually says that!

Bayard said...

"Happily, only third class passengers were killed"

Translation of a genuine extract from a report on a train crash in a 1930s Portuguese newspaper.

Tim Almond said...

You don't even need signposts. Dogging spots are country parks, and used far off peak. There's one up at the car park on the Ridgeway near me (according to reports). No-one's going up there for a picnic at 9pm. And I know there's the occasional member of the public who spots them, but who drives their dog 4 miles out of town to walk it at night?

It's just not an issue. The only reason the news reports on it is that it allows them to slip some sex into the news. Let them get on with their fun.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, gruesome.

TS, it would make things easier if they were sign posted. Newbies can find them more easily and those who'd rather not be confronted can steer well clear. Each to their own.

Tim Almond said...


In researching for my comment, I found there's a website that highlights all the dogging areas around the UK.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, yes, I'm sure there is. Most stuff is on the internet. But we still have road signs.

My point is that non-doggers can avoid them. You can't expect non-doggers to Google dogging sites merely in order to avoid them.