Monday, 7 October 2019

Well there's a surprise!

SpareRoom’s Rental Index Q3 2019

Data Summary

- Rents remain steady across the UK, up just 1% over the last year. This indicates that the recent tenancy fees ban hasn’t resulted in rental increases
- Northern Ireland is the cheapest place to rent in the UK, with average rents of £352
- The UK’s cheapest town is Galashiels in Scotland, with average rents coming in at £303 – followed by Northern Ireland’s Bangor (£318) and Craigavon (£320)
- Guernsey continues to outrank London as the most expensive place to live in the UK with rents of £796, compared to London’s average of £782

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The surprise is, of course, the last point. All the others are exactly what we would expect, despite all the wailing from letting agents.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice one.

Bayard said...

Letting agents face a much more serious threat: Facebook Marketplace. Instant results and completely free. OK you have to download a copy of a tenancy agreement from the internet and fill in the blanks, but how hard is that?

ontheotherhand said...

Guernsey rents are probably distorted by the system whereby locals can buy/rent anything, but new residents can only live in under 10% of the property designated open market.