Sunday 21 February 2021

Access to LVTC site blocked?

Here for general reference, an email reply from the people who run the LVTC site:

The "you have been blocked" message comes up when a visitor triggers the website's firewall by doing something untoward, e.g. repeatedly attempting to log in to the admin area.

You get three chances before you're blocked for a day, and if you're blocked three times you get permanently blocked by the firewall.

To block visitors the firewall uses their IP address. Unfortunately, because IP addresses are usually shared that does mean some genuine visitors will also get blocked. This appears to have happened [name].

I have cleared the block lists, so [name] will have access. If he doesn't please advise him to clear his browser history (the same thing will apply to anyone else).

Going forward, I've revised the firewall configuration and changed part of the warning message to say:

"Contact with your IPv4 address (visit if you believe you were blocked in error."


James Higham said...

Killer arguments against LVT (489)?

Mark Wadsworth said...

JH, no. Some people can't access the LVTC site. There's no point putting the explainer over on that site for people who can't access it... So I put it here, and can send people a link to this in case they get stuck.

mombers said...

Great work on the sprucing up of the site. Quick question - how to view all articles on the blog in date order? If you go to it's under topics, would like to be able to see the most recent post regardless of topic, then work my way down to keep up to date

Mark Wadsworth said...

M, Thanks. We are going to do an extra page or link or something to the most recent articles, whatever category they are in.