Monday, 5 December 2016

Monsters: fact and fiction (Wish I knew the difference)

Actress Veronica Cartwright is planning to take film director Ridley Scott to court for damages, rumour has it.

In the famous 'Belly Bursting' scene in Alien, Cartwright like the other actors, had not been told about the blood and real guts that would pour out of the stomach of the Hurt character.

At the time of the film, Cartwright was hit directly by a stream of puke and guts. She passed out, pissed herself, and nearly died of a heart attack through laughing at how absurd the whole event was.

But she has recently read the clever article by Suzzzan Moore in the Guardian and thinks, well fuck it, Ridley didn't tell us about the guts and, apart from spoiling a good pair of knickers, in principle, I could have had a heart attack. After all, I am now simply known as the girl with the guts on her in Alien.

Cartwright has declined to say how much she was paid as a young actress to be 'abused' by Scott and John Hurt.


Mark Wadsworth said...


Penseivat said...

I wonder if the terror shown in being 'raped' by that scaly tail before being carried off, was genuine, her version of having an orgasm, or mere acting?

MikeW said...

Pen seive,

Good point. I hadn't thought of that.

Update: barristers for the owners of Alien will argue at the High Court next week that you cannot compare Alien with Last Tango in Paris. (1)The monster in one was a; huge, vile, sweaty entity that would fill any normal women with fear, but Maroln Brando was, nevertheless,a real actor at the time.(2) The medium used to make the real guts shoot across the table in the SciFi classic was not actually butter at all. But was a warm, liquid, pork fat which would clearly not offend anyone.