Monday, 5 December 2016

Fun Online Polls: "You guys" and who whose responsibility is integration?

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

When somebody addresses you/your group as "You guys", he/she is…

Trying to be friendly - 35%
Educationally sub-normal - 4%
Being deliberately rude, but in a subtle way - 3%
Just a twat generally - 47%
Other, please specify - 10%

Good, so it's not just me then. A good turnout on 90 votes, thanks to everybody who took part.

Top comment: Markc: FWIW I think it's a bit broader and runs across several answers. It means they're a twat who's trying to be friendly but entirely lacks the social skills to carry "friendly" off properly and so might often be construed as rude - depending on circumstances. But they're still a twat.
From the BBC:

Segregation and social exclusion are at "worrying levels" and are fuelling inequality in some areas of Britain, a report has found.

Women in some communities are denied "even their basic rights as British residents", the Casey Review said. Dame Louise Casey accused public bodies of ignoring or condoning divisive or harmful religious practices for fear of being called racist.

So a surprisingly honest review by modern standards. In the interests of 'balanced reporting', the article tacks on this:

Faeeza Vaid, from the Muslim Women's Network, said migrant communities should not be blamed for failing to integrate.

"We also see segregated white communities," she told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme. "Integration is everyone's responsibility."

Well hang about one cotton pickin' moment.

I have more first hand experience of integration than most people, I'm half German/half English, have lived in both countries and tried to fit in wherever I was, at the very least, I do a normal job/go to a normal school and speak the domestic tongue wherever I choose to be. My wife is from Malaysia and due to self-selection as much as anything else, a lot of our friends are from abroad, aren't 'white', are in 'mixed marriages' or whatever. They, like Mrs W, all do normal jobs, speak English, send their kids to normal schools etc and we all get along just fine.

For sure, a minority of British citizens are downright racist and prefer being among their own i.e. "in segregated white communities". I feel slightly uncomfortable in their presence but that's their personal view and they are perfectly entitled to it (provided it doesn't spill over into actual bullying, violence etc).

So that's this week's Fun Online Poll.

Whose responsibility is integration?

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