Tuesday, 8 March 2016

"Maria Sharapova distances herself from Nike following 'sweat shop' rumours"

From the BBC:

Maria Sharipova has moved quickly to distance herself her sponsor Nike after rumours surfaced that the company's products are made in factories in Asia where child labour is common.

Ms Sharipova said she was "saddened and surprised" at the company's admission that even adult workers in those factories are paid less than $1 a day, meaning it would take them six months to earn enough to buy a pair of the overrated and overpriced shoes.

Nike said that they had been sub-contracting to sweat shops since 1996, on the advice of their accountants.

She is one of the highest paid female athletes with earnings of over $30m last year from winnings and endorsements, meaning she earns more money than every one of Nike's single sweat shop workers put together.


James Higham said...

Nice comeback.

Mark Wadsworth said...

JH, ta.

wiggiatlarge said...

"Rumour", it has been a fact in the public domain for years, this from 2011


difficult to seriously believe Sharapova had no knowledge of this until conveniently hearing rumours after her dismissal ?