Monday, 7 March 2016

Project Fear: Now it's getting silly.

The results of a 'survey' carried out by rent seekers OfficeBroker:

OfficeBroker ask 18-34 year old Brits their views on ‘Brexit’ and what they would do if the UK leaves the EU.

• 15.4% of young Brits would consider emigration if UK quits EU, which would result in more than 2 million people leaving the UK*.
• Nearly a third (32%) of 18-34 year olds in the North East of England would also consider leaving the UK.
• Northern Irish more likely to give up on UK if Britain votes to leave the EU as 23.8% of 18-34 year olds polled from NI say they would consider emigration

It is not clear whether they asked them "OK, where would you go?"

Surely, if they plan to emigrate to somewhere else in the EU it will be more difficult to do so post-Brexit, and if they think they'd go somewhere else, what difference would Brexit make?

Either way, the obvious follow-up question is "Why are you still here?"


Bayard said...

"would consider emigration if UK quits EU"

Which figure, presumably, includes those who i) would consider it and then think "perhaps not" and ii) those who were thinking of going anyway.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, exactly, more good points.

Rich Tee said...

Staying in the EU increases the chances of tenancy reform, I think. "Ever closer union" means that the EU will eventually seek to harmonise tenancy law across the EU and continental tenants typically have better tenancy rights than the British, particularly Germany, which is the most influential country in the EU (famously, 50 per cent of Germans rent their whole lifetime), so British tenants stand to gain from this.

I once found evidence that EU lawyers have already been researching this:

DBC Reed said...

Why are they still here indeed? As their parents' generation has made them shoulder student debt, and extortionate housing expenses, in the process of making the UK fit only for rent seekers who take over existing revenue streams to gouge out higher profits without increasing economic activity, this is some question to find on a website dedicated to the Young People's Party!

Mark Wadsworth said...

RT, that is one of the very few valid pro-EU arguments, but it is highly unlikely to happen even if we stayed in. They've had forty years to sort it out and nothing has happened yet.

DBC, because everywhere else is just as bad and you get homesick.