Friday, 29 May 2015

The Guardian at its unbiased best.

From Comment Is Free:

The problem with referendums is that they can go horribly wrong.

Ten years ago to the day, on 29 May 2005, France held a referendum over whether it should ratify the proposed European constitution. Opinion polls had predicted an overwhelming victory for the yes camp (some expecting the vote for yes to be as high as 65%).

Yet the outcome was a resounding 55% in favour of no. The outcome effectively stymied plans for a single European constitution. Jacques Chirac, then president, had massively overplayed his hand.

How can a referendum possibly 'go wrong', provided the pro's and con's of something are explained to the electorate fairly and in an even handed manner? Not that they ever are of course, it will be hysterical unfounded gibberish from both sides and referendums are usually rigged anyway.

It's like asking somebody what they'd like to drink/where they'd like to go on holiday/what their favourite colour is, and then when they reply, following up with "Are you sure?" or even worse, telling them "No you don't."


Random said...

They should not have a referendum - they should just exit the EU.

Bayard said...

"How can a referendum possibly 'go wrong'"

I think what they mean was that it all went horribly wrong for Jacques Chirac. He thought that a referendum would support his federalist aims and it didn't.

It's patently obvious that Dave and Co. want the result to be a vote to stay in the EU, so the potential for it to go horribly wrong for them too is definitely there.

Personally, I think that the referendum will either "go horribly wrong" or produce the wrong answer, but that's just my opinion/negative way of looking at it.

L fairfax said...

I think that tells you a lot about what the Guardian thinks about giving power to the people. I am surprised that they support elections.

Mark Wadsworth said...

R, I disagree- I think we should do what we want and see if they chuck us out

B, agreed

LF, good point

Kevin said...

Wrong answer. Try again. It's your time you're wasting children, not mine.