Friday, 29 May 2015

"BBC uncovers 'aggressive' tax avoidance scheme"

From the BBC:

Anderson Group, one of the recruitment industry's most high-profile companies, is promoting an "aggressive" tax avoidance scheme which experts are calling "abusive".

The scheme was once expelled from school for stealing lunch money off younger children, has since been found guilty of a string of petty thefts and is currently trying to mug the government's Employment Allowance.

The scheme has cornered the Treasury in a dark alley and is demanding tens of millions of pounds of National Insurance refunds.

Anderson Group says that all of its services are fully compliant with UK tax laws. It says it is "totally incorrect" to say that Anderson Group is promoting the scheme and says the product arrived at its offices one day and "made it an offer it couldn't refuse".

When invited to comment, the scheme punched our reporter in the face and left abusive comments on his Facebook page.


Steven_L said...

It's amazing how many people like police officers, FCA supervisors, HMRC inspectors etc have no understanding of the concept of vicarious liability isn't it?

Mark Wadsworth said...

SL, I blame the parents