Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tragic Twist on Home-Owner-Ism

At The Telegraph.

Now, we know that LVT would sort out 'developers premia', and 'location rent'. But how does it deal with this?



Ben Jamin' said...

1) they would have been compensated by lower LVT liabilities.
2) we know that LVT ensures land, and therefore the property that occupies it, is put to it's highest use. So, 1M empty homes, 25M empty bedrooms. There will therefore be a glut of homes in low LVT rated areas. So, I'm not sure anyone needs to build new homes, like this gypsy camp for the foreseeable future.
3)I'm sure as lot of these Gypsy sites are as much land speculation as the need to live somewhere. It's a no-brainer. LVT will knock that stone dead.

ThomasBHall said...

I'm also sceptical they actually committed suicide as a direct result of gypsies. Sure, they might have cared, but there was nothing serious enough there to warrant throwing away their lives... They only bought in 2006 for goodness sake.
I'd imagine the terminally ill wife might have had something more to do with it.

Ben Jamin' said...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Gypsies would have to pay LVT like anybody else.

If they are legit UK residents it gets netted off with their Citizen's Income. If not, they get deported.