Thursday, 14 August 2014

Daily Mail crime/house price story

From The Daily Mail:

A top legal academic was savagely beaten when he answered the door of his £2 million home to a gang of knife-wielding robbers.

The Evening Standard took it to a new level:

Scotland Yard said the men - believed to be Eastern European - burst into the address after the homeowner answered a knock at his door just before 10pm on Monday...

Police say the victim was pushed to the floor and then repeatedly punched in the face and body while the men demanded money in the attack at his £2million home until his daughter raised the alarm...

Detectives today released images of the victim and CCTV footage of one outstanding suspect running away in an effort to trace him. He is seen sprinting away from the address in Kings Road, where properties sell for £1.5 million, and dodging traffic in The Broadway.

Why not keep going?

The suspect fled down Kings Road, where homes sell for £1.5 million, turned left into Trinity Road, where flats change hands for £600,000, crossed the railways bridge onto Ashcombe Road, where a semi-detached goes for about £800,000, and was later arrested at a £150,000 flat in Barking, east London.


Lola said...

See. I knew that as soon as you rejoined the Homey ranks your conversation would descend into dinner party house price comparisonism.

Anonymous said...

£150K for a flat in Barking? Sounds like it might be worth a punt. £750 pcm H.Benefit. Cushty.

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, no, I've always done Daily Mail crime/house price stories.

P, I plucked those figures out of the air.