Wednesday, 13 August 2014

"Michael Gove’s wife attacks Nick Clegg's wife for Spain trip while PM's wife is away"

From The Evening Standard:

Michael Gove's wife today accused Nick Clegg's wife of failing in her duty to help her husband do his Government duty by going on holiday at the same time as David Cameron's wife.

Sarah Vine risked reigniting tensions between the Deputy Prime Minister's wife and herself with her criticism.

“Deputy PM Nick Clegg's wife has just one real job to do. Look after her husband while he looks after the country while the actual PM's wife is on hols watching her husband pointing at fish,” she wrote in her Daily Mail column. “And where has Cleggy's wife been all week? Spain. Great.”

Mrs Gove and Mrs Clegg have had a series of bust-ups over issues such as free school meals and who has the nicest handbags. They have sought to patch up relations several times but today’s comments are unlikely to help.

"Spain? "she continued, "Three days in Butlins, that's all we can afford now that Michael has lost his Secretary of State salary top-up. I know that she was behind that.

"The utter foreign bitch."


Ian Hills said...

I think she was probably inspired by this blog....

Mark Wadsworth said...

IH, hopefully.