Thursday, 14 February 2013

"Customers on O2 warned not to talk on mobile as strangers can listen in"

From The Daily Mail:

Mobile phone customers are being warned not to discuss dull and interesting matters during a call in public after it was realised that strangers can hear them.

Dozens of 02 customers are boring entire train compartments with the minutiae about their journeys, raising concerns about commuters' stress levels. The phone giant’s users can be heard by people around them who are forced to listen to a conversation.

Customers began reporting the 'cross passengers,' which also affects people on buses and in restaurants, listening to half a conversation to other networks by O2 users, several years ago.

Users have also reported boring not just the person they are on the phone to but also unknown persons with their conversation. The network provider said the glitch has been hitting people ever since the telephone was invented, reported The Sun.

Disgruntled users took to the internet voicing their annoyance on Twitter and forums.

Jeni Cantle tweeted: "I was on the phone to my partner on Monday while eavesdropping a completely different conversation."

Nikki Hollis retweeted, adding: "Yes I know you are on a f-ing train. I am sitting next to you."

Tom Logan responded: "Shush you lot! The blonde girl has started talking about her pregnancy test and I don't want to miss a word."