Thursday, 14 February 2013

Horsemeat scandal: Eight horses found on Bute

From the BBC:

Eight horses, killed in the UK, have entered the food chain on the Isle of Bute, the Food Standards Agency said.

Some 206 carcasses were tested north of the border, with eight found to be on the island in the Firth of Clyde. Scotland's chief medical officer said the highest level detected was over 100kg of horsemeat per carcass, which posed "very little risk to human health as the meat is very lean."

Earlier, food minister David Heath said tests for traces of Findus products in the National Scenic Area were negative. The horse carcasses were tested between 30 January and 7 February. Of the eight which tested positive for being on the popular summer tourist desination, six were exported on the Rothesay Ferry to France for human consumption, and two were destroyed at the abattoir.

The Prime Minister's spokesman told reporters that the UK was working very closely with Argyll & Bute Council in tracking the carcasses, which were identified on Thursday morning.


Richard Allan said...

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Mark Wadsworth said...

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janemacbeth said...

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When I looked at the BBC article it was talking about the drug bute, not the Island. Do you have any more info?