Monday, 22 September 2014

Tony the Football Hooligan

From the Telegraph

Tony "Tone" Blair has said that Bazzer and Dave should listen, "just *listen*, yeah, because we can farkin' 'ave these boys from the ISIS Crew. I'm telling you, I've got into scuffles with them before, and they ain't as tough as they seem."

The former member of the New Labour Firm said "OK, oh-kay, a load of us got the shit kicked out of us" but added that he "knew how to get 'em this time". 

His comments came as Graeme Lamb, landlord of the Dog and Duck in Peckham and former firm member said that "it ain't worth it, Tone, just leave 'em. "

The former New Labour ringleader said that fisticuffs would not be enough to defeat the crew, and that this time, knuckledusters and baseball bats shouldn't be ruled out.


Lola said...

Blair really is such a twat, isn't he?

The Stigler said...


He's a dangerous egotist, and I'm very glad he's gone from power. No PM in my lifetime seemed to actually want to go to war like Blair did.

Mark Wadsworth said...

He's mad, and not in a good way.

Bayard said...

He really should have been a USA-supported dictator of a small third-world country.