Monday, 22 September 2014

"Blazer at former St James Primary School in Renfrew"

From the BBC:

About 70 fashion police have tackled a man wearing a blazer at a former primary school in Renfrewshire.

Crews were called to the former St James Primary School, near Porterfield Road, Renfrew, at about 20:30 on Sunday. They arrived to find a middle aged man wearing the smug yet casual garment in the single-storey building.

The crews used large volume water jets and aerial appliances to fight the inappropriate item of clothing. There were no reports of anyone being injured.

A pair of deck shoes and a leather clutch bag were also confiscated at the scene.

One of those annoying little suitcases on wheels with the extendable handle was deemed too dangerous to move and a controlled explosion was carried out.


James Higham said...

Ah, where would we be without the fashion police? We'd only have the thought police.

A K Haart said...

"About 70 fashion police..."

Doesn't sound feasible to me. How would they all get ready on time?

Mark Wadsworth said...

JH, I prefer the former.

AKH, this was the Glasgow Fashion Police. Pop on a tracksuit and a hoodie and they're ready for action.

DBC Reed said...

They should n't waste their time on this small fry : they should be going for hard-core fashion criminals who wear shortie dressing-gowns and push round drinks trolleys with dinky parasols.And don't call me homophobic: its the overdone machismo that I object to.