Monday, 22 September 2014

Can anybody else spot the obvious flaw in their strategy?

From The Mirror:

A “jokey” comic book strip called Hipster Hitler which portrays the Nazi leader as a trendy geek has been slammed by Jewish activists.

The group have pledged to shred all copies of the book that shows the murderous dictator wearing black-rimmed glasses and cardigan...

Fellow member Ilana Katz said: "If we can't get shops to stop selling copies we'll buy and shred them all. Since when was it okay to promote Hitler as a cool person?"

And technically, it would have been funnier had the activists pledged to burn all the copies of the book rather than shred them.


DBC Reed said...

Bertolt Brecht "The Burning of Books" "...a banished
Writer,one of the best,scanning the list of the banned was shocked to find that his/
Books had been passed over.He rushed to his desk/
On wings of wrath and wrote a letter to those in power/
Burn me he wrote with flying pen burn me.Have n't my books/Always reported the truth?"

Having one books burnt must be an excellent form of feedback for a radical writier, absent huge royalties .( I have found books very hard to get alight ,tell you the truth. I am willing to try with Tony Blair's autobiography for which I paid a £1 secondhand , But a big pile of them would just sit there even with flame throwers.)