Thursday, 1 October 2020

Daily Mail on top form

From The Daily Mail:

When police arrived they found [Hancock] covered in blood as he told them 'I'm hardly going to deny it; look at me'.

Hancock, of Etwall, Derbys, had already pleaded guilty at Derby Crown Court in July to two counts of murder via video link.

PE teacher Ms Almey and [her new partner], a company director of a marketing firm, were discovered in a pool of blood at the £400,000 property on New Zealand Lane just after 4am.


sok said...

they really are the gutter .😀

Unknown said...

Clowns in the police force flying outside my house:

Serious invasion of privacy

Penseivat said...

When I read the first sentence, I thought that someone had done to the Health Secretary what quite a few people would like to do (not me of course). Bugger!

Mark Wadsworth said...

SOK, they do it all the time. But am I just as bad for highlighting it?

U, it's a conspiracy!

PS, aha, yes. The first Hancock I think of is the old comedian Tony, not the ukulele playing* halfwit Matt.

* He didn't really, it was a spoof video.

formertory said...

I'm still struggling slightly with the concept of "two counts of murder by video link". How did he do that? Insult them grievously, while online? And how did he get covered in blood?

Yes, I know............ but I sometimes wonder if there's anyone left who actually thinks about the way they describe things. A bit like those detergent ads on TV which end with sage advice - "Always keep away from children". Bloody good idea, in my view.

Mark Wadsworth said...

FT "Bloody good idea, in my view". the old ones are the best. I chuckle inwardly at the end of every advert for a cleaning product.

Physiocrat said...

What is "murder by video link"?