Thursday, 2 January 2020


I only go to watch films which get bad reviews because nine times out of ten I am pleasantly surprised and come out thinking "It wasn't that bad, really".  (The last film I watched which got good reviews was "Black Swan" and I would have walked out halfway through if I hadn't been there with Her Indoors who quite liked it. I skipped the two Paddington films because they got good reviews, which was a big mistake on my part, they were both on telly over Xmas and they are great!)

"Last Christmas" is a counter-example, it got mediocre reviews but that's actually a *really good film* in a completely non-ironic way.

I accompanied Her Indoors to see "Cats" (the musical) donkey's years ago, and it was truly dreadful (although again, Her Indoors liked it). With expectations that low, I happily went with her to watch the film version yesterday.

We can file "Cats" along with "Downton Abbey" and "La La Land". Objectively, it is a crock of shit churned out by cynics to fleece an undemanding and unquestioning public. But these films are very well made (camera angles, lighting, sound etc) and if you just sit back, relax and judge it by its own standards (in the rather glorious Odeon Luxe recliner seats), it's really quite enjoyable and I came out smiling.
Surprise of the film: there are two-and-a-half actually funny lines in the film. James Corden delivers both-and-a-half of them *perfectly* and I actually chuckled out loud each time.


DCBain said...

We were the same but different. We often enjoy films which the "experts" have decried and so went to see "Cats". I see now why the "experts" panned it - it's very theatrical and it's necessary to use some imagination. Our scores were - mine: enjoyed it. Memsahib: boring for the first half hour, then ok. Janniesdottir: 5 out of ten. I have to say that from a purely male perspective that a lot of the cast in cat costumes looked absolutely gorgeous: know what I mean, nudge, nudge?

The Jannie

Mark Wadsworth said...

DCB, we also took the daughter along. Like yours, she was the least enthused. "The plot was a bit thin", she summarised.