Monday, 30 December 2019

Can Someone Explain Australia?

OK. First up, it's a cute song, and I've nothing against seeing some of Ms Minogue.

But... here's the things they show in the ad:-

- beaches
- sports
- bit of modern art
- fishing
- restaurants
- wines
- pubs

You can go to France, Italy or Spain and do all that, can't you? So, why spend a couple of days and a grand flying there and getting jetlagged, when you can nip over the channel?


Mark Wadsworth said...


George Carty said...

I'd say that for British tourists, the two specific selling points of Australia are:

* It's summer there during the Northern Hemisphere's winter, and
* It's a country inhabited mostly by English-speaking white people, with a warmer climate than New Zealand, but still more culturally British than the United States.

Ben F said...

I've lived there for a year, and I can agree. Unless you've been most other places, don't bother.

Dr Evil said...

I have lots of relatives in Australia. Australians speak English. It's a lot warmer over there during our winter. OK, it's on fire mostly but hey, the proverbial happens now and again.