Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Daily Mail on top form!

From The Daily Mail:

A retired company director who covertly filmed a young woman getting changed at his luxury home has been jailed for eight months.

Allan Austin, 66, installed a hidden spy camera at his home in Cheshire because he 'liked the figure' of the victim...

When officers searched Austin's £500,000 detached house in the village of High Legh, near Knutsford, Cheshire they found the hidden camera which was linked to his computer and iPad.


mombers said...

If you're asset rich but cash poor, your options are more limited

formertory said...

Used to live in that area on that different planet called "the 1970s". If he's in a half-mill house these days, it's likely someone else's garden shed. Nice part of the world.

Mike W said...

From DM above,

'It goes without saying that sexual gratification can be obtained in many ways but do not involve setting up a camera system in order to look at someone undress which is what you chose to do.'

So neither the judge in the case above, nor Mr Austin, have ever heard of just Googling 'webcam'+ your own special interest then?

Mark Wadsworth said...

M, nice one.

FT, sounds like Hell. Or London.

MW, good point.

Ben Jamin' said...

Knutsford is one of my favourite names for a town. Sounds like something Viz would invent.