Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Badly calibrated test of the week

From the BBC:

Almost two million people have taken the heart age test and 78% of participants have a heart age higher than their actual age.

Of those, 34% were more than five years over their actual age and 14% at least 10 years higher.



Dr Evil said...

I took that quiz for a laugh. Firstly it calculates your BMI which is farcical as this gives a very inaccurate reading. Old Arnie in his prime is/was morbidly obese according to BMI. If you don't know your blood cholesterol level nor your average systolic blood pressure you get a daft score. I know the lot apart from my blood cholesterol though I did have a score it was years ago. Any way, it's the HDL/LDL ratio that is important not cholesterol. It was totally flawed as a meaningful or useful bit of public health. My heart is three years older than me which is nonsense.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DrE, thanks for confirming my suspicions.