Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Some people are a bit confused

From The Daily Mail:

Last April, federal prosecutors filed charges against two men suspected of spying on the opposition People's Mujahedin of Iran (MEK) on behalf of Iranian intelligence, Deutsche Welle reported.

The Paris-based MEK is an Islamist-Marxist-feminist militant group seeking to overthrow Iran's theocratic government. Iran has blamed the group for stirring up protests earlier this month in Iran.

I know what each of those four adjectives means, and I am sure there are plenty of groups which tick two of those boxes; if you drop "Islamist" then a group which ticks the other three is plausible; going for all four is a comedy sketch.


James Higham said...

It's another world, innit?

Mark Wadsworth said...

JH, it is a parallel universe.

paulc156 said...

The only plausible way you could get three of those together is by excluding 'Islamist'...in which case I might even join :)

Mike W said...



Mark Wadsworth said...

PC, exactly, combining the last three is plausible.

MW, I'm more of a Marxist-militant-Feminist than a Marxist-feminist-militant like PC156, that's we argue all the time.

John Miller said...

Wow, that Islamist feminist gurl is a BABE! She's gotta meet Trump!

Mark Wadsworth said...

JM, in the spirit of political correctness, the Canadian high school angst series "Degressi: Next Class" actually had a Islamist/feminist character.

She was thoroughly dislikable and vaguely fucked up as a characgter. The script writers couldn't make it clear whether she was being a miserably killjoy at that moment because she was feminist or Islamist, it being difficult to illustrate any common ground between these two views.

Physiocrat said...

You would think those four adjectives were incompatible but they get along perfectly here in Sweden. A dash of cognitive dissonance works wonders.

They have one thing in common which cements them.