Monday, 18 September 2017

Daily Mail on top form

From The Daily Mail:

Man, 25, charged with murder after brutally stabbing his MOTHER, 50, to death in supermodel Gemma Ward's Sydney house - as police investigate whether Ice was involved
* Lanell Latta's body was discovered at a home on Sydney's Northern Beaches
* Police were called to the home owned by supermodel Gemma Ward at 10.45am
* Neighbours of the woman recall hearing screams coming from the house
* Ms Latta's son, Joel Woszatka, 25, was arrested by police in a nearby street
* He has been charged with his mother's murder and assault causing bodily harm
* Home was purchased by Ms Ward for $1.6m last year and has been rented out


DCBain said...

She's on ice now . . . .

Bayard said...

Ice? Did he stab her with an icicle?

Lola said...

B and DCBain. Perhaps they mean In Car Entertainment?