Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Cattle News, and a Short List

From The Daily Mail:

The wife of a top bullfighter looked on in horror as her husband was gored to death during a festival in eastern Span.

Victor Barrio, 29, from Segovia was fighting in Teruel, Aragon in eastern Spain when the bull speared him through the chest...

Also from The Daily Mail:

This is the horrific moment a raging bull gores a rider at a rodeo - before going on a furious rampage.

In the footage, a cowboy can be seen riding a large bucking bull at a rodeo in Mexico as an excited crowd cheers him on. But their excitement soon turns to horror as the man loses control of the beast, which charges into a rodeo clown, sending him spinning into the air...

I'm no animal rights activist or anything, but it serves them bloody well right, and well done those bulls for showing a bit of initiative and not going like lambs to the slaughter!

Emailed in by Ralph Musgrave, from The Times of India:

Speaking to TOI, Brijesh Pandey station officer of Itmad-ud-daula said, "The accused has been booked under 377 (unnatural offence) and is absconding after the supposed incident."

Dharmendra Verma, district coordinator of VHP said, "The accused is an unmarried youth and is often seen drunk in the locality. On Friday night, he was spotted having unnatural sex with the cow."


On the subject of cattle and cattle products, here's a Short List:

Mid-market 'steak house' chains with vaguely Scottish-themed names starting with "A".


pen seive said...

I'm disappointed. Nowhere in the Daily Mail article does it tell us how much his house is worth. Such shoddy journalism!

Mark Wadsworth said...

PS, for some reason they only do it for homes in UK, ANZ or north America.