Friday, 19 May 2017

Daily Mail on top form

From The Daily Mail:

A widowed teacher with arthritis froze to death in her garden after she fell and neighbours failed to respond to her cries for help, an inquest has heard.

Ann Waddington, 61, slipped and fell in her back garden in her nightdress late at night, but nobody living on her road who heard noises realised what it was.

Her body was found the next day on the lawn of her £87,000 semi-detached home in Blackburn, Lancashire, when one neighbour became concerned for her welfare.


The Jannie said...

If the house had been worth more maybe she wouldn't be quite as dead.

Bayard said...

Interesting one, this one. It's the first DMOTF to quote a low house value, presumably to encourage pity, instead of a high one, presumably to incite envy.