Monday, 13 February 2017

They own land! Give them money!

Via @duncanstott, Oxford City Council is now offering:

Private Rented Energy Efficiency Grant (PREEG)

Grants are available to private sector landlords to contribute towards energy efficiency measures in your property including draught proofing, loft insulation, radiator foil and LED light bulb fittings.

The benefits include:

* free energy survey

* 50% off all energy efficiency work for up to 5 properties

* helps you meet Energy Act requirements by improving the energy rating of the property

* ensures tenants live in a healthier property

Great for rents and re-sale values!


Lola said...


Bayard said...

I suspect this is coming out of the same pot of money as all those nice new free boilers I keep getting rung up about, money that the government has extorted from the energy companies and which they are now desperate to spend before someone starts asking for it back.

Dinero said...

Actually for the LED ightbulbs the rent remains the same ,
The LED one is explicitly directed at the landlords expense if it is in fact the landlord that replaces them, but as it is usually not I dont see what that accoutning item is reffering to.

mombers said...

Another more pernicious l/l energy issue is if the l/l gets stuff done on a Green Deal. This means at least 10 years of higher energy bills to pay it off. This of course does not have to be disclosed in advertising or the contract so tenants can't make a proper assessment of total cost.

Steven_L said...

I thought they'd scrapped the 'green deal'. Whichever bright young SpAd thought of that one was a bit green if you ask me.

The idea that you could persuade UK property owners that attaching a charge to the property via its energy supply y wouldn't affect it's marketability or resale value was niave in the extreme.