Monday, 13 February 2017

"Isle of Man Ferry crash forces cancellation of services to UK"

From the BBC and Wiki:

Seventies rock legend Bryan Ferry crashed into a pier on the Isle of Man as the captain tried to dock in strong winds

Experimental musical services from Douglas to the UK were disrupted after the singer, who sailed from Avalon, struck the pier in the midnight hour on Sunday. Locals reported hearing a siren shortly before impact.

The For Your Pleasure Steam-Packet Company confirmed no passengers or crew were injured although dozens were left stranded. Four Roxy Music re-union concerts in Douglas and Heysham were cancelled following the collision.

'Unfortunate incident'

Chief executive Phil Manzanera apologised to passengers and said it was an "unfortunate incident", adding the band would "do all we can to minimise the disruption... our loyal passengers can expect more than this."

A Roxy Music spokesman said that on arrival in Douglas Harbour, the ageing art school rocker "encountered significantly stronger than forecast easterly winds – it was like a hurricane".


Derek said...

So he was Windswept. It wasn't just A Sign of the Times...

Mark Wadsworth said...

D, nice ones.

Mike W said...

I see what you did there. Very good.

Took the 'Sea cat' over to Douglas for a weekend from Liverpool last year.Fantastic place if you love Flyfishing, Preserved Steam, good food and doing the strand. 10 out of 10.

Usless fact. The summer 'Seacat', actual Steampacket name unspellable, rather than the winter ferry conventional hull, is a converted warship.