Sunday, 18 December 2016

Oh the Irony


"What was your most lucrative commercial venture?

Every house I ever bought, right up until 2008. For anyone of my generation who invested in something large that will double, triple or maybe quadruple its value in the next few years, that’s not going to be down to the stock exchange but your house."
"Have you ever been ripped off?
Yes, a thousand times! The harshest example is being a customer of a high-street bank with every transaction that I’ve ever made, once banks decided to turn themselves into such extraordinary money-generating businesses for their shareholders. We are all systematically and disgracefully ripped off."
"What’s been your best financial move?
Without any doubt, it was deciding to build up a large pension, which was a huge boon. It meant I’m protected to some extent for the rest of my life, though not as much as I thought I’d be. Unless the world implodes, I’m not going to starve."
A tad confused is dear old Baldrick.


Mark Wadsworth said...

hehe well spotted

Ben Jamin' said...

All we need is his thoughts on the Manson Tax to get the full house.

Can we Tweet him for an answer?

Mike W said...

All part of his cunning plan no doubt.

Ben F said...

Yet another boomer who should STFU

A K Haart said...

A while ago we saw him in Derbyshire with his film crew, in his walking gear talking to the camera and only about 200 yards from the car park.

Lola said...

AKH. That's showbiz

markc said...

A tad confused

Naturally, he's a luvvie, although I did enjoy the Blackadder stuff, generally. "A tad confused" may be a core (in?)competence of members of the Labour Party National Executive Committee.

Rich Tee said...

The worrying thing is that these kind of opinions are commonly held nowadays and show what an uphill struggle changing attitudes will be.

For example, if you asked somebody "is it OK for people to get rich doing nothing?" they will say No.

But if you say to the same person, "is it OK for somebody to get wealthier through rises in the value of their property?", they will just as likely to say Yes because "everybody does that nowadays".