Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Not exactly in the MSM, but...

It will be interesting to see how the the Daily Mail readers in positions of power try to discredit this.
The article makes a good start, with a random picture of a lorry dumping tons of what is supposed to look like gold somewhere in Switzerland.


Lola said...

Let's hope the Scotch take the intellectual leap of working out that the best way to fund UBI is via LVT. Hence creating the ultimate and most equitable redistributionist system.

Which would have the excellent knock on effect of releasing tens of thousand of HMRC bureaucrats to make a real and more rewarding living in wealth creating tax paying private business.

DBC Reed said...

This will be the sticking point on here (or the triumph of the divide the reformers strategy): I cannot see anything wrong with the original
National Dividends from Major Douglas one hundred years ago (Social Credit). Surely we do not wish to continue with the banks creating all the credit ( and charging interest for it?) As Martin Wolf said in a headline "Strip private banks of power to create money" (also levy LVT).

Lola said...

@DBCR. Well, I deplore the current banking model, and bank reform is a key part of the CI/LVT nexus.

Fat chance.

Mark Wadsworth said...

They'll hate it. The DM loves "contributory benefits" funded out of super-taxes on employment income = National Insurance.