Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Daily Mail on top form

Emailed in by MBK, from The Daily Mail:

A banker burnt his wife alive after she discovered he was having an affair - then claimed she died whilst making him a BLT sandwich.

Darren Byrne was today found guilty of murdering spouse Maria, 35, in the kitchen of their £450,000 home in Theydon Bois, Essex.

UDAPTE: KJP in the comments reckons that houses like that in the area sell for £700,000, which is what Rightmove says.


KJP said...

Except that the mail is wrong: it is worth more like £700k.

Mark Wadsworth said...

KJP thanks I have updated.

Woodsy42 said...

Being a murder scene will of course reduce the house value, so maybe the Mail are close?

Bayard said...

KJP, are you suggesting that the DM publishes stuff without checking it first? Surely not!

Mark Wadsworth said...

W42, yes, most people would avoid but similarly there must be some people who would pay extra for a bit of gruesome history.

B, the DM is actually quite good at reporting facts. They just don't understand them, which is why the headline is often completely at odds with the facts in the article.

DBC Reed said...

If the murder scene is relatively cheap for the area, the Mail can imply that those involved are cheapskates or ,worse, working-class interlopers who have wormed their way in cannot keep up the high standards.
If the scene of the crime is well up to average or even higher price-wise , the Mail can imply that, even in this Homeownerist paradise, base human nature can ruin anything : echoes of Garden of Eden myth.
Much about the Mail is medieval but with house prices determining moral worth.

Graeme said...

From reading this quote, it seems to me that the killer clue was making a BLT sarnie. Who makes a BLT? It's one of those poncy things you get in expensive cafes which come with a wooden stick through it to hold it together. If it had been a plain old bacon butty, no one would have investigated further. It is a lethal thing to prepare, after all.