Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Fun with plain packaging.

I was a bit disappointed with the plain packaging, a misnomer if there ever was one. I was vaguely expecting something sleek and stylish, like Apple packaging but no, they have just made the warnings and pictures bigger and reduced the brand name to a single line of 6 point type.

I got two good ones this week (paraphrasing slightly).

1. Smokers' children are more likely to start smoking. (than what is not specified)

2. Smoking reduces your fertility.

So, assuming those even to be measurably true, doesn't the problem cancel out? Children of smokers have are more likely to smoke, but there are fewer of them etc.

In any event, reason 2 is nonsensical. Most people spend most of their lives trying not to get themselves or their partner pregnant. A couple of years 'trying for a baby' after you get married, have a couple of babies, job done, back on the tabs.

Anyway, free market capitalism being what it is, no doubt sooner or later somebody will start making natty pouches into which you can tuck your stupid packaging out of sight. The old tins were nice but too big, so your tobacco dried out unless you mucked about with slices of lemon etc.


Barman said...


Mark Wadsworth said...

B, lovely, but I need one for tobacco.

Andrew T. said...

"Smoking reduces your fertility."

And if that fails for young women, they then reach for the smokes that reduce the size of their babies:

Shocking trend: Pregnant teens smoking to have smaller babies

Andrew T. said...

> Fun with plain packaging.

But hey, Ozzies have the 'fun' part covered as well..

Mark Wadsworth said...

AT, love the second link! The first one is anecdotal bansturbator crap.

Bayard said...

"The old tins were nice but too big, so your tobacco dried out unless you mucked about with slices of lemon etc."

What about one of the smaller, "Altoids"-sized tins?

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, I'd prefer something softer that goes in a pocket

Bayard said...

What, you mean one of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOBACCO-POUCH-RIZLA-SLOT-POUCH-SOFT-LEATHER-TOBACCO-WALLET-PURSE-POUCH-HOLDER-/121965710334?var=&hash=item1c65b90bfe:m:muwwgMzCmaygwKPkHlc90jA ?

Bayard said...

"Smokers' children are more likely to start smoking.(than what is not specified)"

I can see a opening selling stickers giving bizarre alternatives to starting smoking, e.g. "than becoming a dictator" "than successfully wrestling an alligator" "than pogoing across the Sahara". They could go over that garish yellow box.