Saturday, 22 October 2016

Some more recent "car hits house" and related stories

KRMG News (Tulsa), 22 September, Major damage after car hits house. Possible drunk driver ran away

The West Australian, 23 September, Car ploughs into house in Perth's south

Ipswich Star, 3 October, House damaged during crash between van and car in Suffolk towns

BBC, 3 October, Medieval bridge in Bradford-on-Avon damaged by stolen car

Slough & South Bucks Express, 3 October, Car used to 'significantly damage' window of fish and chip shop. Poorly worded headline, it means "was used for the purpose of" and not "it used to, but doesn't any more".

Daily Mirror, 8 October, Couple drive prized car into living room of house to protect it from Hurricane Matthew storm damage

Road and Track, 10 October, Perfectly Reasonable Man Parks E30 M3 in Living Room to Avoid Hurricane Damage, 11 October, 'Substantial damage' caused as car crashes into front wall of house

12 News (Arizona), 19 October, A family of four is OK after a car slammed into the front of their home, crashing through the master bathroom early Wednesday.

Clydebank Post, 21 October, Drumchapel house damaged by tractor at 3am prompting police investigation

New Haven Register (Connecticut), 21 October, SUV crashes into house, gas meter in New Haven

Follownews (Massachusetts), 21 October, Car Crashes Into Home, Causing Serious Damage

UPDATE from the BBC, 22 October/today, Driver smashes car through garage wall in Brownhills


James Higham said...

Is that car or cow?

Mark Wadsworth said...

JH, similar sound, similar level of danger. Probably not much, but nasty when it happens.