Friday, 8 July 2016

"Why we are calling for a ban on vets offering homophobic remedies"

From The Guardian:

When I wrote my open letter to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) calling for a ban on the treatment of animals with homophobic remedies, I hoped it would offer an opportunity for my colleagues in the veterinary profession to stand up for evidence-based veterinary care.

Now, with more 1,000 vets lending their names to the letter as I submit it to the RCVS, along with hundreds of veterinary nurses and students, it’s time for our professional body to take our concerns seriously.

The case against homophobia has never been clearer, with every well-controlled study showing that these remedies are no more effective than a sugar pill – which is no surprise, considering that the vast majority of homophobic treatments contain no active substances at all.


Bayard said...

I know homeopathy is a load of tosh, but shouldn't this also have the label "Bansturbation". I mean if you take your pet to a vet and the pet then dies or doesn't get any better, you take it to another vet, just like you would not use a mechanic twice who didn't fix your car but still charged you. Presumably no-one who doesn't believe in homeopathy already would use a homeopathic vet, so it's not as if they are being any more deluded than they already were. It wouldn't be too much a stretch of logic to surmise that homeopathic vets only exist because of the demand from the poor deluded souls who believe in homeopathy anyway.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, it is a load of tosh, but it does work.

Bayard said...

I didn't say it doesn't work: the body's ability to repair itself unaided, is, naturally, much underplayed by the medical profession. See also faith healing etc.