Friday, 29 July 2016


Words fail.

It's not exactly as if they weren't bloody well told all this years and years ago.

Shut it and the World Bank down.


Steven_L said...

Well now that France is headed the same way as 'club med' she would say that wouldn't she?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Words f

James Higham said...

Meanwhile, how much aggro, how many epithets, have come our way?

Mike W said...

Good Post.

Reminds me yet again of the core reason of why I voted out. It was a matter of Democracy v NeoLib Demigods.I do not understand how some here cannot accept this and keep visiting the effects.

If you notice in the small print, Yanis calls for the head of EU Demigod, Poul Thomson.

If you are interested, the detail of his run in with this nasty piece of God-slime can be found about 30 minutes in here:

Economic Collapse - America 2016 - Financial Crisis - US dollar - Politics - Europe - Noam Chomsky
(don't worry it is mostly about Yanis explaining his GM thesis)