Friday, 22 July 2016

An easy way to remember all eighteen Pokémon types.

My little girl understands the rules of the game and can reel off the different types in some sort of inherently logical order.

I find it easier to remember them in the following order

ELECTRIC(ity) is used to make
STEEL which comes from iron ore, which is a type of
ROCK which is found in the
GROUND on which grows
GRASS in which you find a
BUG which might be
POISON(ous) or it might be
FLYING. Something else which can fly is a
FAIRY which is a kind of
GHOST who talk to people who are
PSYHIC who have séances in the
DARK which starts with the letter "D" like
DRAGON which breathes
FIRE when it is
NORMAL people fight fire with
WATER which when frozen turns to

I hope that this comes in useful one day, I wasted ten minutes working that out and memorising it.


James Higham said...


JuliaM said...

Public service blogging at its best! ;)

Steven_L said...

I still don't know wtf a 'pokemon' is, should I?

All I know is there's a pokemon called 'pikachu', and I only know that because there's great Oliver Heldens & Mr Belt & Wezol house track of the same name.

Mark Wadsworth said...

SL, I have no idea either, I just like doing an occasional bit of rote learning for fun.