Friday, 17 June 2016

Nobody Move or The Premature Babies Get It

With 4 days to go, I think this is going to be the winner:-

A father whose infant son was born 12 weeks early has made an emotional appeal for Britons to vote to stay in the EU – to save the lives of children like his.

Joe and Nicola Jackson's baby boy Jamie was delivered at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital in early June at just 28 weeks, after struggling for months with growth restriction in the womb. 

Mr Jackson has since posted a powerful message of gratitude on Facebook to the medical team responsible for his son's care, saying that without the attention of European doctors he would not have survived - and urging those who haven't yet decided which way to vote in the EU referendum on 23 June to #voteinforjamie.

Sorry, but the 5 countries providing the most doctors to the UK are: India, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria and Ireland. Even if we go with the worst case of no visas FOR DOCTORS that means no effect, as we've always had deals with Ireland on free movement. India is 8 times bigger than number 6, Germany. But this not net by actual. Assuming we stop German doctors coming here, that also means that British doctors don't go to Germany.

So, in the worst possible case, assuming we don't let Germans in, but some of our doctors leave, we then lose 1.3% of medical capacity. Are we going to let premature babies die so that people can have hip replacements? I mean, seriously.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Spot on

Lola said...

Deceit after deceit. He's either a stooge for Remain or not done his homework.

paulc156 said...

Looking at the figures I've seen from the Nuffield Trust the numbers of NHS docs from EEA is about 10% less than the rest of the world.Obviously, were we to reduce the numbers of incoming EU docs and nurses then we will increase the numbers coming in from the Indian sub continent etc. Which is precisely what we should expect more generally. i.e. no reason to expect any overall reductions in inward migration post Brexit. Though you won't hear anything of the sort from the Brexit campaign who don't wish to scare off the 'we've got too many foreigners here already brigade'. And Daily Fail readers. Such is the level of duplicity in this debate.

paulc156 said...

There should be a comma after '10%'. Meaning 10% of docs from EEA countries, which is less than those from the rest of the world.

The Stigler said...


"were we to reduce the number of incoming EU docs"

and do you think that's a realistic prospect?

paulc156 said...

Probably not. There is more likely to be some desire to limit those on lower incomes but in my view we would be looking for minimum disruption to EU trade and relations so no moves on reducing freedom of movement from EU states are likely.