Monday, 13 June 2016

Nobody move or our Security Gets It!

From The Times

During 38 years in British intelligence, I worked at the heart of the Cold War in Europe, including Moscow at the end of the Soviet Union. In the post-Cold War period, I witnessed the final stages of the Balkan wars and the growth of international terrorism. I worked with security and intelligence services across the globe, and in closest collaboration with the so-called Five Eyes partners (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US as well as the UK), France and other long-standing EU allies.

Good to see Remain scraping the barrel with John Scarlett, the man best known for writing the dodgy dossier into Iraq WMDs.  I wouldn't trust this scumbag as far as I could throw him.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Splendid. I'm scared, not.

James Higham said...

Well put.

ageing man said...

Must be honest never heard of the bloke before* or if I did I didn't pay much attention to him .... but one thing for sure, if he is no longer the Chief of SIS, he's certainly now the Chief of the Talking Bollux Bureau.

For example, when he refers to the Five-Eyes Partners, is that some kind of oblique Columbo reference .... surely he means Ten-Eyes partners doesn't he ? .... unless of course we do only count the Americans as having one eye like Columbo, so that would make the Nine-Eyes partners. I suppose the espionage malarky was probably quite complicated though.

Unlike the referendum of course ... 2 choices - vote bollux - vote out... simples really.

[footnote: *to be fair to him he probably hasn't heard of me either]