Thursday, 26 May 2016

Nobody move… or I'll cut your pension and deport your carer!

Emailed in by MBK from The Sun, David Cameron plumbs new depths of silliness:

DAVID Cameron tonight warned the elderly a Brexit would wreck their pensions and cost them their carers as No.10’s Project Fear targeted Britain’s OAPs.

In an extraordinary blast the PM used his latest Referendum attack to try and scare the over 65s – the one age group most likely to vote Leave - into changing their mind. He said quitting the EU would shrink Britain’s economy by six per cent- meaning “less money to pay people’s pensions”.

And he added that cutting ties with the EU could cause shortages in the amount of migrant workers in the care sector handing out medicine. He told Saga magazine: “There are 100,000 skilled EU workers in our health and social care system. If we leave there will be uncertainties around visas and residency permits. That could cause some to return home and that would have an unpredictable impact on hard-pressed frontline services.”

You're the Prime Minister, Dave, you get to decide how high pensions are and who can live and work in this country, even after Brexit.


mombers said...

Ha! As if the pensioner gravy train would ever stop under the Tories. They will shut down just about any other gvmt department before they cut handouts to their core constituency.

Anonymous said...

Most of them read the Daily Fail so no matter what he says they'll vote OUT.

Rich Tee said...

Who cares about that, just tell them that their house prices will fall...OK, done that.

James Higham said...

It would be terrible to have British workers handing out medicines, wouldn't it? Can't have that.