Monday, 29 February 2016

Fun Online Polls: US Presidential election, round 2

The results to last week's poll were predictable enough...

Who do you think will be the US presidential candidates in 2016?

Hillary Clinton (D) 73 votes
Bernie Sanders (D) 20 votes

Donald Trump (R) 83 votes
Ted Cruz (R) 8 votes
Marco Rubio (R) 7 votes
Ben Carson (R) 1 vote
John Kasich (R) 0 votes

This week is the grand final, who do you think will (would) win, Hillary or Donald? Please note - not who would you like to win, but who do you think is more likely to win.

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Antisthenes said...

Gawd help us if either one wins and the rest are not much better except Sanders he is even worse.

Steven_L said...

I've bet £20 on Trump at 5/2.