Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Often Problematic

From the Daily Mail,

Gary Lineker and his wife Danielle have split after six years of marriage amid claims that they disagreed over starting a family together.
The pair confirmed their divorce today, just over six years after the former footballer and actress were married in Italy in 2009, but they insist they remain on good terms.
It is believed that Danielle, 36, wanted to start a family but former footballer Lineker, 55, who already has four children, feels he is too old to father another.
The problem is here that older men like sex with young women, but often don't want kids, especially if they've already got some. But young women want kids, especially if like his wife, she's only got 1.

I'm surprised it's taken 6 years.


L fairfax said...

I would guess that the problems of divorce in many cases would be worse than the hassle of having another child.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Well done Gary, sticking up for himself.