Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Quote Of The Year 2015

AK Haart has posted his favourite, so here's mine.

From the BBC:

Mr Carswell said UKIP "needs to change gear and to change its management if it's to go the next level"…

In a reference to Mr Farage's claim that the Oldham by-election postal vote was rigged, he added: "I don't want to wake up the morning after the European referendum and hear it was the postal votes."


A K Haart said...

Thanks for the link. As for changing gear to go up to the next level, we change down when we want to go up. Doesn't seem to work somehow.

Mark Wadsworth said...

AKH, my pleasure.

Whether you change up or down to go faster depends on how much you need to accelerate in the next few seconds, doesn't it? Which doesn't answer whether UKIP should be changing down or up, but hey.

Tim Almond said...

I feel really sorry for Carswell. I think he's a thoroughly decent man who doesn't really have a good home.