Friday, 4 December 2015

"Petition for boxer to be removed from BBC Sports Lack Of Personality of the Year shortlist gains over 30,000 signatures"

From The Independent:

Campaigners are urging the BBC to pull Tyson Fury  from the Sports Lack of Personality of the Year (SLOPOTY) shortlist amid accusations that he does not simply spout platitudes but actually speaks his own odious mind after a petition reached over 30,000 signatures.

The heavyweight boxing champion was announced as one of the sports people shortlisted for the annual award after his victory over tri-lingual Ukrainian psychopath Wladimir Klitschko on Saturday.

Fury features on the list alongside athletes including the pleasant, inoffensive and otherwise thoroughly unremarkable Jessica Ennis-Hill, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford. The final winner is chosen by a public vote on 20 December.


PJH said...

Why would his mind reach that many signatures?

Lola said...

Oh how I miss G Hill's humour....
"Tell me, Jackie, How many grand prix did you win this year?
"Er, eight".
"Don't you think that that's hogging it a bit?"

Mark Wadsworth said...

PJH fair point I have amended

L, that's the spirit! Reminds me of reeves and Mortimer interviewing Damon Hill "do you use a map or just follow the other cars round?"

The Stigler said...

I think they must get told by their various boot sponsors etc to just shut up. Sports people used to be more fun.

I say we get some organised voting in. Not that I agree with him, it'll just be hilarious watching the SJWs reaction