Friday, 6 November 2015

"Bumble bee flies near pensioner couple"

From The Telegraph:

It was a heart-stopping moment that could have had painful consequences for Sid Smith, 66, of Sydenham, south London.

He yelped with fright as he had an uncomfortably close encounter with a bumble bee while unpacking his picnic lunch on a day trip to Eastbourne with his wife Doris, 68.

The insect - which packs a painful sting - made a beeline for the retired gas fitter and flew into his anorak during a visit to the sea front. For a few nail-biting seconds, the holiday maker battled to dislodge the bee as a dozen passing day trippers registered his predicament.

It might have felt like an eternity to Mr Smith, but after a short time the bee emerged and flew away to his very visible relief - before the couple roared with laughter.


Ricky said...

He nearly dropped his baby.