Thursday, 29 October 2015

Baseless health-scare story of the day

From the Daily Mail:

They are the go-to device for anyone trying to quit smoking - or seeking a lesser evil than cigarettes.

But e-cigarettes could trigger problem drinking, a new study has warned. People who use the devices are significantly more likely to consume more alcohol than those who don't use them, researchers claim.

Moreover, those using e-cigarettes and alcohol together report drinking more. Usually, when people quit smoking they also quit drinking, the researchers said. Therefore, those who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking may miss out on this added benefit of quitting, they said.

The researchers concluded by urging people not to ignore the 'knock on' effects of e-cigarette use.

Not even Dick Puddlecote or Christopher Snowdon in their bitterest full-on satire mode could have dreamed up this level of bullshit.


A K Haart said...

The original paper say that compared to cigarettes, e-cigs have no impact on alcohol consumption.

"Overall, the data from these two independent samples suggest that e-cigs have a similar relationship to alcohol use as do traditional cigarettes."

Maybe the Mail is quoting from a press release. The university concerned has banned e-cigs on campus.

View from the Solent said...

I'm surprised that the Daily Woo didn't claim that efags cause cancer. Or cure it, as everything else seems to according to which day of the week it is.

Bayard said...

All the main pressure groups hate e-cigs, the tobacco companies, because they are cutting into their market and the bansturbators because they allow people to enjoy nicotine in relative safety, thaus removing two planks from their puritanical platform, health and safety, and exposing their real drive, which is against fun.