Tuesday, 30 June 2015


From the BBC

A national minute's silence will be held to remember victims of the Tunisian beach attack, David Cameron has announced.

The silence will take place on Friday 3 July at 12:00 BST, a week after the shooting which killed 38 people.

So, are we going to have a minute's silence every month for all the people murdered in this country? If not, why not? Around 40 people die every month in the UK from murder.

It's an insult to the people who risked their life in warfare. We don't give 2 minutes silence to the fallen because they died, we do so because they died serving their country, us. And someone sitting on a beach in Tunisia isn't.


Rich Tee said...

I remember during the 2000s there was a trend for having a minute's silence for everything. It peaked at having one for Madeline McCann, at which point I had already taken to hiding in the toilet at work so that I didn't have to do it.

Then it stopped, I suppose because so many people had started to think that it was getting silly.

Now it seems it may be starting again. I don't feel particularly sympathetic myself. These people spent money on a holiday that I don't have personally, and they went to a Muslim African country to lie about on a beach. The FCO already advised tourists to stay away from certain areas in Tunisia even before this event.

Mark Wadsworth said...


A K Haart said...

Well said.