Friday, 26 June 2015

"Charity cash could go to Transport for London"

From City AM:

MAYORAL candidate Ivan Massow wants £75m of surplus charity money to be put towards a fund devoted to improving mobility in the capital, he told City A.M.

London charities are holding £100m money that has been left unspent for more than two years. Massow believes 75 per cent of it could be used as an endowment to fund Oyster cards for low-income Londoners.

“It’s all about mobility. They have the remit to distribute, in any way they see fit.” he said, "It means everything from getting kids to school to getting their parents to work. The fund’s short-term target is to raise £50m and this would more than clear that.”


Lola said...

For a Tory and an ex financial adviser Massow is a bit weak on the notion of 'private property', methinks.