Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Kingsmen: The Secret Service

From and

Based upon, oh no,
The acclaimed comic book, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Directed by, oh baby
Matthew Vaughn.

The Secret Service, waits for me,
Tells the story, across the sea,
Of a super-secret spy, all alone,
Organisation, if I make it home.

Recruits an unrefined, oh no no no,
But promising street kid, oh no
Into the agency’s, oh baby,
Ultra-competitive training program.

OK, let's give it to them, right now!

[Guitar solo]

A global threat, as I sail the sea
Emerges from, all constantly
A twisted tech, as I dream she's there
Genius smell the rose, in her hair

Let’s go!


DBC Reed said...

Where's the repeated chorus which was kind of the point of Louie, Louie when mispronounced by the Kingsmen? PS There was also an earlier Kingsmen which was some kind of spinoff from Bill Haley's Comets.The later drums-deafened Kingsmen had no respect for them either.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DBC, I did this one with you in mind re your recent comment on loud drummers, and I did listen to it again to make sure that had the words roughly correct.

The lyrics on the original are largely unintelligible, and the 'chorus' is not repeated as often as you think.

DBC Reed said...

Well the choruses are repeated the requisite number of times i.e. after the verses, in the Kingsmen's version.
As to the lyrics' unintelligibility, I suppose you know the story that the FBI undertook a very lengthy investigation of the recording ,playing it at different speeds etc to ascertain its obscene elements.

The Stigler said...

Well done. Can't be many bands that had a name before a film (normally the other way around like Alphaville, My Bloody Valentine and They Might be Giants).

James Higham said...

Don't quite know how to respond to that.