Monday, 1 December 2014

Daily Mail On Top Form

From The Daily Mail:

Malcolm Young (pictured) had to make the decision to retire in September when he couldn't remember the song anymore, due to dementia...

It was essentially Malcolm who decided the band's fate and insisted the band 'keep making music' but they were able to keep it in the family when they hired Stevie Young, the pair's nephew, to replace him. He had played with the band before, on a tour in 1988.

It was then AC/DC stayed together and put out their next album - their first without Malcolm on bass - entitled Rock Or Bust.

Very sad.

But of course, none of AC/DC's albums officially featured Malcolm Young on bass as he always played the rhythm guitar.

Let's see how long it takes the DM to rectify this :-)


ageing man said...

Hopefully they won't rectify it ..... otherwise what would we have to blog about..... god help us if they ever decided to put a moderator on the comments sections..... otherwise mr mainwaring we're doomed.... doomed I tell ya....

So from me it is a big thank you to the daily mail for our daily crop of madness.... we luv ya..

Ian Hills said...

Malcolm could always get a job at the Mail.

Mark Wadsworth said...

AM, my thoughts exactly.

IH, harsh but fair.