Friday, 7 November 2014


From Wiki:

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, 15-year-old David Rice gives his crush, Millie Harris, a hand-knitted sweater. A bully, Mark Kobold, throws the item of winter clothing onto the ice near a river.

While trying to retrieve it, David falls through the ice and is pulled away by the current. He suddenly finds himself in the local library and discovers he can use the jumper to "jump" (teleport) from one place and instantly appear in another. Amazed with the knitwear's ability, he runs away and is believed dead by his alcoholic father.

Eight years later, an adult David (Christensen) lives lavishly using money stolen via his jumping ability, purchasing dozens of cashmere upper garments. One day, he is ambushed in his home by Roland Cox (Jackson). Roland belongs to the Paladins, a group of religious extremists which has been tracking down and killing these teleporters, the "Jumpers", because they believe "only God should have the ability to look stylish in wool".

He tries to trap David with a system of high-voltage cables, which badly singe the pullover, thus preventing him from being able to jump. David escapes and returns home to Ann Arbor, seeking his old crush Millie.

He is attacked by Mark, the same bully, and purposely teleports him into a Pakistani clothing sweatshop where he is forced to work for 80 cents a day. David then returns to Millie and invites her to travel with him by conventional means to Rome.


Anonymous said...

i think I saw that film. It also had a jumper/dancer in it. I may recall a slightly differing plot. I think the jumper had a library fetish also and liked playing with buses.

Wasn't his Mum the one who knitted the jumpers? Wasn't she a secret jumper also?

There was a pattern they were following although he got a bit needled.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TT, that's the spirit!